Company Principles

Being vocal and open about sexuality in India is still taboo to a very large extent. We are a company who are interested to make things a little different and are going the extra mile to let both Indian men and women enjoy their sexuality. We are in the market with a variety of products that will make people more aware of the pleasure that their own bodies can give them and bask in that feel-good factor. Do visit our website where you can not only view our wide range of products which not only include lubes, lotions and lingerie but we are proud to showcase and sell a wide variety of sex toys as well which will take your sexual fantasies to a whole new level and give you so much pleasure that you can never believe that you ever experience it with your own body.


Our products

All our products are top class, of the best quality and are made with absolute precision to suit your bodies and not cause you harm in any which way. Our company values are very strong and we believe in delivering every bit of what we have promised and much more. We also value your privacy and will guarantee all our customers that all their information will be kept absolutely confidential and in circumstances will be disclosed to anyone for any reason whatsoever.


Our quality

Being one of the few companies to have ventured into this less frequented field we have to maintain our quality and standards to be better than the best. We value our patronage and will do everything to keep our clients happy and satisfied. If at you feel that you are looking for any products that we do not have, do let us know and our team will make every effort to see that it is acquired for you. Our endeavor is to keep our customers happy.